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According to continuation Bond author Raymond Benson , there was further development of the Bond character in Thunderball , with glimpses of both his sense of humour and his own sense of mortality being shown.

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As with the previous novels in the series, aspects of Thunderball come from Fleming's own experiences: the visit to the health clinic was inspired by his own trip to the Enton Hall health farm [8] and Bond's medical record, as read out to him by M, is a slightly modified version of Fleming's own. Bond's examination of the hull of Disco Volante was inspired by the ill-fated mission undertaken on 19 April by the ex- Royal Navy frogman "Buster" Crabb on behalf of MI6, as he examined the hull of the Soviet cruiser Ordzhonikidze that had brought Nikita Khrushchev and Nikolai Bulganin on a diplomatic mission to Britain.

Crabb disappeared in Portsmouth Harbour and was never seen again. As often happened in Fleming's novels, a number of names were taken from people of whom he had known. Ernst Stavro Blofeld's name partially comes from Tom Blofeld, a Norfolk farmer and a fellow member of Fleming's club Boodle's , who was a contemporary of Fleming's at Eton. In mid Fleming and his friend, Ivar Bryce, began talking about the possibility of a Bond film. Later that year, Bryce introduced Fleming to a young Irish writer and director, Kevin McClory , and the three of them, together with Fleming and Bryce's friend Ernest Cuneo , formed the partnership Xanadu Productions, [18] named after Bryce's Bahamian home, [19] but which was never actually formed into a company.

Fleming then wrote the novel Thunderball at Goldeneye over the period January to March , based on the screenplay written by himself, Whittingham and McClory.

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The case lasted three weeks, during which time Fleming was unwell—suffering a heart attack during the case itself [35] —and, under advice from his friend Ivar Bryce, offered a deal to McClory, settling out of court. McClory gained the literary and film rights for the screenplay, while Fleming was given the rights to the novel, although it had to be recognised as being "based on a screen treatment by Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham and the Author".

When the script was first drafted in May , with the storyline of an aeroplane of celebrities in the Atlantic, it included elements from Fleming's friend Ernie Cuneo, who included ships with underwater trapdoors in their hulls and an underwater battle scene.

Ian Fleming: memo to Whittingham and McClory [39]. Cork also noted that Fleming used the word "spectre" previously: in the fourth novel, Diamonds Are Forever , for a town near Las Vegas called "Spectreville", and for "spektor", the cryptograph decoder in From Russia, with Love.

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Those elements which Fleming used which can be put down to McClory and Whittingham either separately or together include the airborne theft of a nuclear bomb, [40] "Jo" Petachi and his sister Sophie, and Jo's death at the hands of Sophie's boss. Thunderball was published on 27 March in the UK as a hardcover edition by publishers Jonathan Cape ; it was pages long and cost 15 shillings.

Artist Richard Chopping once again provided the cover art for the novel. On 20 July Fleming wrote to Chopping to ask if he could undertake the art for the next book, agreeing on a fee of guineas , saying that "I will ask [Jonathan Cape] to produce an elegant skeleton hand and an elegant Queen of Hearts. As to the dagger, I really have no strong views. I had thought of the ordinary flick knife as used by teenagers on people like you and me, but if you have a nice dagger in mind please let us use it. The title of the book will be Thunderball. It is immensely long, immensely dull and only your jacket can save it!

Thunderball was generally well received by the critics; Francis Iles, writing in The Guardian wrote that it "is a good, tough, straightforward thriller on perfectly conventional lines. No —in particular the article by Paul Johnson in the New Statesman entitled, "Sex, Snobbery and Sadism"—Iles was left "wondering what all the fuss is about", [45] noting that "there is no more sadism nor sex than is expected of the author of this kind of thriller".

It has pace and humour and style. The violence is not so unrelenting as usual: an improvement, I think. Earlier he seemed to be softening up. He was having bad hangovers on half-a-bottle of whisky a day, which I don't call a lot, unless he wasn't eating properly. Writing in The Times Literary Supplement , Philip John Stead thought that Fleming "continues uninhibitedly to deploy his story-telling talents within the limits of the Commander Bond formula.

Fleming's special magic lies in his power to impart sophistication to his mighty nonsense; his fantasies connect with up-to-date and lively knowledge of places and of the general sphere of crime and espionage. No or Goldfinger on sadism and a slightly condescending sophistication. Fleming decorates his tapestry of thieving and deceiving".

The critic from The Sunday Times considered Fleming to have "a sensational imagination, but informed by style, zest and—above all—knowledge". So is the girl Can anybody stop this? Unfortunately not.

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Not this side of the best-seller lists. I don't envy Mr Bond's wealthy creator, Ian Fleming. I wish I could pity him", [50] whilst L. Offord considered Thunderball to be "just about as wild as ever, with a walloping climax. A comic strip adaptation was published daily in the Daily Express newspaper and syndicated worldwide, beginning on 11 December The film was produced as the fourth Eon Productions film and, as well as listing Albert R.

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Broccoli and Harry Saltzman as producers, Kevin McClory was also included in the production team: Broccoli and Saltzman made a deal with McClory, to undertake a joint production of Thunderball , which stopped McClory from making any further version of the novel for a period of ten years following the release of the Eon-produced version. In the s, McClory announced plans to make another adaptation of the Thunderball story, Warhead AD , with Timothy Dalton or Liam Neeson in the lead role, but this was eventually dropped.

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    When the body of a mysterious woman is found to be carrying the phone number of James Bond, Bond is called in by M to help the investigation Promoted from Commander to Captain, Bond is expected to infiltrate the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible and identify potential sleeper agents They Made it Big in Hollywood Hear the books that inspired cinema's biggest hits.

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