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I wonder if you have come across this summary of Girard. Schwager, Raymund, Must there be Scapegoats?

Saved from Sacrifice // Review Conclusion

I too found it most helpful. Occasionally I have twinges of thinking that I place too much emphasis on this idea What a cracking work! I'm thoroughly engrossed in it.

I expect I will read it cover to cover a couple of times. Leave a Reply. Follow by Email. Welcome to the blog of Richard Beck , author and professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University beckr acu.

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Saved from Sacrifice: A Theology of the Cross

Experimental Theology is also available on the Kindle. The Little Way of St. The Theology of Peanuts Table of Contents. Would Jesus Break a Window? Jesus entered Jerusalem, not on a conquering warhorse like the Caesars of Rome, but on a humble donkey as a suffering servant.

Squandering Grace

Like Luther, Frodo and Samwise were also on a journey. Their departure from Rivendell and the Shire before marked the beginning of the long road to Mordor, a journey in which we see the hobbits grow in wisdom and stature before men and elves.

Paul in Corinth

The brute strength of dwarfs and the stout hearts of men are no match for evil. Something smaller and unexpected is needed, a humble hobbit.

Sacrifice & Atonement

Here Heidelberg meets Hobbiton. A theology of glory is turned aside by a hobbit, small in stature, and unnoticed by the men of Middle-earth and even Sauron himself.

Frodo reveals himself to be a theologian of the cross, choosing to bear the One Ring with all its seething, restless evil, and take it to its destruction at great cost to himself and his companions. For Frodo and the Company, one simply could not be a theologian of glory and walk into Mordor. Rather, the Ring of Power was carried to its destruction by two seemingly weak and unknown hobbits, Frodo and Samwise. Through the strength of loyalty, friendship, and sacrifice cloaked in weakness, they brought hope and rescue to Middle-earth.

How beautiful are the hairy feet that bring good news to Middle-earth.

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It was not a theology of glory triumphed in The Lord of the Rings ; it was the theology of the cross. And in this, we have more in common with the hobbits than friendship, food, and ale.

Experimental Theology: The Voice of the Scapegoat Series

As Luther discovered and taught at Heidelberg, we are saved by the theology of the cross. The wheels of our world turn by Christ crucified for you. The cross of Christ is where all our journeys end and begin.

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