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What is unique about our planet? Why is the earth round?

Energy Connections and Misconnections across Chemistry and Biology

What do earth quake waves reveal? In this topic we also examine the motions of the earth and the seasons. The topic helps in understanding certain difficult concepts like the layers of the earth, the earth as a rock factory and how soil is a precious natural resource which is to be conserved so that our planet does not turn into a desert. The world of physics and energy: learning physical principles. As the title suggests this part examines important physical principles that govern many things familiar to us.

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It talks about physics from BC to AD, physics in ancient and medieval India to the dawn of modern physics. It tells about different people like Archimedes, Galileo, Newton and Einstein who through the ages have contributed to the understanding of natural phenomena. The various topics dealt here include force, motion, heat, light, sound electricity and magnetism.

Brief insights into the life and work of famous scientists like Galileo, Einstein, Michael Faraday, Humphry Davy and Thomas Edison have been provided as a stimulant towards these subjects in young students. In the topic on energy, we examine the different forms of energy and how it can be transformed from one form to another. How energy from the sun is used by all living beings on earth in the form of food, stored natural energy sources like wood, coal, petroleum and natural gas is explained.

It illustrates the unequal energy divide in the modern world and the urgent need for conservation of energy.

Biology : Plant Life (Part - 4)

It shows how the various discoveries of Marconi, Morse, and Graham Bell changed the way people communicate and the efforts and achievements of inventors and pioneers changed forever the way human beings use transportation. Finally, we look at some future options that could yet help in sustaining life on our planet. In the third part, The world of chemistry: Of molecules and materials, we examine why we should learn chemistry?

How to Study and Learn (Part Four)

And show how chemistry is everywhere and used in everyday life. An understanding of an element from the Greek and Indian concepts to the modern idea are presented. What is a compound? How are substances in a mixture separated? How do atoms exist in nature? In the section on water, we show how water- the cradle of life on earth, is a unique liquid.

A few gases, their preparation and properties are dealt with in detail. How can we identify acids and bases? What is valence?

Biology and other sciences

Carbon, the essential element in nature forms the backbone of natural polymers and is an essential ingredient of synthetic materials that are used extensively in the modern world. Metals, man-made materials like cement, glass, ceramics, soap and fertilizers are examined for their usefulness in the modern world. In the topic on Air around us, we learn about what is air made up of?

How oxygen is the breath of life on earth, the crucial carbon dioxide level that sustains life on earth, the major role played by minor gases like ozone. We examine the different elements of weather, weather forecasting and the alarming changes in the atmosphere due to air pollution. All about Water looks at various aspects of water, its distribution and the various sources of water.

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We show how the water cycle is essential in keeping this precious liquid from diminishing rapidly from our planet. The different properties of water, water pollution, purification and conservation of water are examined in depth. Part 4 in the series deals with Biology and life. In this book we hope to instill in young minds the concept of a living world made up of wonderful variety of plants and different animal species and their relationship to sustain and nurture life.

Why is biology important? The living and the non-living-what is life? From the simplest bacteria to the large multi-cellular organisms, how did life evolve form simple inanimate inorganic substances? Sign in to shop, sample, or access your account information.

KS3 Biology - BBC Bitesize

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