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It mentions in passing the greater number of women entering university and neglects the statistical data showing that they outnumber men in almost every subject. The author almost seems to lament that the entire university is not matriarchal as the curriculum is apparently 'male centered' contradicting her own contentions earlier of a feminized curriculum in modular structures and essay assignments.

Again the idea of a male centered patriarchal educational system is part of the reason why such anti intellectualism and reformism has taken place in schools.

Killing Thinking: Death of the University by Mary Evans

It's this tacit assumption without clear evidence that men dominate the school and that subjects focus too heavily on male figures and so the entire system needs to be reconfigured to make it more 'equitable'. Such equalization frames her analysis of Orwell in the earlier chapter, where she brilliantly discusses his mistrust of unclear, euphemistic, bureaucratic sounding pieces of jargon. However her analysis is not sober and critically sound, instead its full of emotive language such as "Furtive Zealots" and accusing university assessment as a form of Stalinism and Authoritarianism; saying that certain ideas came straight from the pit of hell.

Death of the University

It's almost ironic that her central idea is that universities have killed critical thinking and then writes a book showing uncritical thinking. Wolf's central solution for example was to merely refuse to participate within institutions that do not allow women to take part and this is pondered over. Again this is superfluous because more women than men enter university and so there is no exclusion predicated on gender and so looking at the idea of women not participating is pointless and probably just a way of name dropping Woolf.

It's clear her gendered analysis is rooted in her own ideological Stalinism that similarly doesn't have any evidence. An example is her incessant delineation concerning powerful positions in the university being mostly men, without understanding that there is not a single organization anywhere that has clear equity between the sexes and furthermore implementing a quota wouldn't solve the crisis she is mentioning in her analysis.

It's almost as though she is implying that men are the problem and more 'equality' in the university would help. She doesn't understand however the differing work patterns that both genders have Hakim's work in preference theory etc and the fact that it differs depending on the subject and institution.

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Furthermore the repetition becomes overwhelming after a while as the key claims are summarized rather quickly with historical antecedents and laws that rooted the change in education announced very quickly. It's almost as though attention is not paid at all to preceding essays and that they were merely taped together for the sake of publication.

P Thompson's satirical poke at academia as containing the species 'academicus superciliosus' is perhaps appropriate in also labeling the author who over-exaggerates the authoritarian might and power of university Stalinism by dramatically underplaying any significant reforms, or pedagogical alternatives that she favors.

It is mentioned of course that recourse back to the previous 'deeply patriarchal' paradigm of education is impossible but the ideal seems marginalized by the fervor of criticism that the author has to the current system which destroys her capacity for logical conclusions and appropriate application of her examples and materials. Another case where I agree with the book's premise and several of the arguments presented but cannot accept the way the book works and the way the arguments are expressed.

Apr 21, Leonard Houx rated it really liked it Shelves: learning-and-technology. For me, Killing Thinking was a breath of fresh air. As anyone like me who works in UK higher education knows, regulation, continued social inequality, inter-university inequality, and subsumption into government's economic agendas weigh down British HE and have left a morass of angry staff, under-supported students, and the same old social inequalities that existed before the Robbins report, the Dearing Report, and the rest of it.

Well researched and delightfully readable, Evans book is colour For me, Killing Thinking was a breath of fresh air. Well researched and delightfully readable, Evans book is colourful, self-piss-takingly humourous, and surprisingly balanced. Also, it's short about pages.

To anyone who is in the unenviable of position of working British higher ed, I happily recommend it. Che rated it liked it Aug 23, Michael rated it liked it Aug 31, Ervinos rated it liked it Nov 01, Angela rated it liked it Feb 26, Elizabeth Georges is currently reading it Aug 08, Jemma marked it as to-read Oct 31, Maxine Fletcher marked it as to-read Jul 06, Rhi marked it as to-read Dec 21, Emily is currently reading it Feb 06, Berni marked it as to-read May 14, Fer marked it as to-read May 25, Julia Long marked it as to-read Mar 29, Rania marked it as to-read Nov 23, That road was closed.

Note: As of the date of publication, his Twitter is once again public. But there were other avenues. Without the ability to speak with him, it remained an open question whether Clover would follow his own directions and commit violence against law enforcement if given the opportunity. It does not reflect our institutional values, and we find it unconscionable that anyone would condone much less appear to advocate murder.

A young police officer has been killed serving the City of Davis. We mourn her loss and express our gratitude to all who risk their lives protecting us. I entered the fifth floor of Mrak Hall, the chief administrative center on campus, after riding the elevator to the fourth floor — the highest someone without a security bypass can go — and passing the security checkpoint on the fifth-floor staircase, where a staticky voice and a camera verified my appointment.

I sat in the lobby; it was a room that can only be compared to the richly-furnished, mahogany-panelled library of Wayne Manor in the Batman films, minus the books.

The Suicide of Europe

The scenery proved detaching, as if the simple act of decorating this antechamber had subsumed the student-focused academic tradition and replaced it with corporate gravitas. The ivory tower was embodied in this very room, solidifying the preternatural disconnect between the administration and the rest of campus. From the outset, however, the mood was cordial. It was telling that senior administration officials had agreed to meet with me, while the department of English had refused.

Yet the answers I got were substantially different. The provost explained that professors in the humanities, like Clover, are given more leeway when advancing controversial subject matter than professors in other disciplines; for example, a science professor who makes frequent political comments might face disciplinary action if a student complains.

Should universities be held accountable for student debt?

I was curious about the logical implications of this, should any other group be targeted by a professor in a threatening manner. Would threats of violence against racial or ethnic groups be given the same protections?

But Title IX guarantees that students in their learning environment and employees in their work environment have to be in an environment that allows them to thrive and succeed. There is no hiding the fact that this is a polemic, albeit an interesting one. The volume provides a service to the profession by generating debate and discussion about a problem of increasing concern. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 7 to 10 business days.

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