Guide Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures

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Following a Fulbright experience in Brazil in she began research on Latinas in sport. Edwards has a Ph. Her most recent research deals with labor market reform, social security reform, gender issues, old age and poverty, and labor market performance in emerging and transition economies.

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She is the author of a number of professional articles and the co-author of a scholarly book on the market reforms in Chile published in by the University of Chicago Press. From through she was a Senior Labor Economist at the World Bank, working on labor market issues in a number of countries, including Bolivia, Iran, Indonesia and Argentina. Her consulting work has dealt with gender, legislation, social security, training, compensation and other labor market issues around the world.

4 Cultures of Colonialism in Latin America

Her next major project involves a reexamination of her doctoral dissertation that deals with the female corpus and discourses related to monstrosity. Assistant Professor, Political Science.

Sensing Decolonial Aesthetics in Latin American Arts

Latin American Religion in Motion. Assistant Professor, Health Sciences. Lopez-Zetina Ph. Currently, he is conducting a study to examine cross-cultural correlates of substance abuse in the U. Martin received her B. Her fields of expertise range from Spanish for heritage speakers to colonial literature, nineteenth-century Spanish American women writers and late twentieth-century Argentinean narrative. Hanover, N. Share full text access.

Decolonial Approaches to Latin American Literatures and Cultures (Literatures of the Americas)

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Sensing Decolonial Aesthetics in Latin American Arts – The Florida Bookshelf

Email or Customer ID. The study of Latin America has a long and distinguished history in the department of Romance Studies, one that our faculty members maintain by constantly questioning and challenging its basic terms.

We approach Latin America, if we admittedly may never quite arrive there, in dialogue with other disciplines, beginning with literature and including history, philosophy, political theory, visual culture, performance studies, and mass culture. Equally diverse theoretical questions enliven our exchanges: how gender and sexuality are framed and lived, the political promise of decolonial thought, the nuances of history gleaned from fiction and poetry, the shape and sound of the trans-Atlantic sphere, the relationship between economies and expressive cultures, the historical and contemporary power of racial discourse and modes of surviving its violence, and the possibilities of artistic production beyond the logic of representation.

These interdisciplinary and theoretical pursuits shape our pedagogy as well. Recent graduate seminars include topics ranging from theories of visual culture to decolonial aesthetics, from literature and democracy in 19th Century Latin America to civilization and barbarism in recent Latin American literature, to current discursive and cultural constructs in the Hispanic Caribbean.

We welcome applications for PhD students interested in working in these areas, and encourage interested applicants to contact directly the faculty members most relevant to their research. The Department configures a different and multifaceted mapping of Latino and Latina social and national identities, cultures, and networks by promoting comparative and interdisciplinary trajectories that engage with these transnational communities hemispherically and transatlantically.