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The technical innovations have lifted the level of container handling capacity and sharpened the core competitive edge of the container production in the Port of Shanghai. The retrieval made by Shanghai Science and Technology Information Research Institute for the purpose of examining the international level in this connection confirmed that technologies innovated by the Team of this project came up to the world advanced level in general, and some of them had a world leading position in particular.

The research subject of the Project covers the whole process of container handling operation in the port.

Waymo anticipates that it might start moving again. The most valuable aspect of AI in automotive applications is that it is constantly learning, and adjusting the rules it uses to navigate the road. Each vehicle makes the information it learns available to the rest of the fleet. The result is a virtual neural network of self-driving vehicles that learn as they go.

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Tesla has succeeded in becoming a household name in the electric car market. Now it wants to so the same thing with self-driving vehicles. Eight cameras, an array of ultrasonic sensors, sonar, forward-facing radar, and GPS cull pretty much the same kind of data from the environment as Waymo. And like Google, all that data is fed into an AI program that turns sensory data into vehicle control data. If you are not in the mood for talking, AutoPilot will check your calendar and drive you to your scheduled appointment.

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Every new Tesla comes fully equipped for autonomous driving. Whether autonomous cars shuffle us around with an AI driver, or if driver assist merely lends a helping hand, connected vehicles need gobs of data to do their thing. The application of artificial intelligence cloud platforms ensure that data is available when needed. Unlike conventional vehicles, connected vehicles can do more than alert us with check-engine lights, oil lights, and low-battery indicators. AI monitors hundreds of sensors and is able to detect problems before they affect vehicle operation.

By monitoring thousands of data points per second, AI can spot minute changes that may indicate a pending component failure — often long before the failure could leave you stranded. In October of , Volkswagen and Microsoft announced a partnership , designed to transform the auto company into a digital service-driven business.

By tapping the power of Azure IoT, PowerBI, and Skype, Volkswagen plans to offer customer experience, telematics, and productivity solutions for the automotive market. Volkswagen recognizes that customers need more than gimmicks to see the value in cloud-based AI solutions.

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Between email ads that hide beneath trick subject lines, pay-per-click website ads, and social media monetization, advertising competition has become fierce. To make matters worse, sorting through raw data to target qualified prospects has become impractical, to say the least. AI-based cloud platforms offer the ideal solution to accurately target a captive audience of qualified prospects.

Here are a few examples how this works. A driver whose social media posts announced wedding plans can be alerted of a sale at a bridal store just up the street. A low-fuel situation can automatically suggest the nearest gas station which, of course, paid for the privileged. Both spend a great deal of time predicting the future. It is no surprise, then, that insurance has embraced the use of AI in cars to help make risk assessments in real time.

AI does something else that even insurance customers like.

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It speeds up the process of filing claims when accidents do occur. The applications of AI in insurance has spawned a brand new buzzword: Insurtech. And here are just a couple of examples of how AI is setting the insurance industry abuzz with deep learning technology. Computing and the search for new planets 3 Questions: Why sensing, why now, what next?

Ruth Lehmann elected as director of Whitehead Institute Study finds hub linking movement and motivation in the brain.

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A new lens into the past. Startup uses virtual reality to help seniors re-engage with the world Demo Day celebrates student entrepreneurship MIT named No. Engineering Systems Division. An eye for design Envisioning the future of water for million people Professor Richard de Neufville honored at the White House Expecting the unexpected. Using data science to improve public policy Helping Mexico design an effective climate policy.